A significant cause of maternal and infant deaths is lack of access to preventive care information

A woman dies in childbirth every 8 minutes in india.

Over 300,000 children die in India on the day of their birth.

The Proportion of women who are anemic in Mumbai is similar to that in rural Maharashtra (70%).

Over 900 million phone subscriptions in India help us improve access to health information through mMitra.

Lower proportion of infants aged 0-5 months were exclusively breastfed in urban (68%) as compared to rural (70%) Maharashtra.

Access to right information at the right time has the power to transform a woman's and a child's life.

Success Stories

Shilpa, a young woman from Aurangabad, got married and shifted to Mumbai. Belonging to a lower socio-economic section, she and her husband took up residence in a slum in Borivali. Having grown up elsewhere, she knows nobody in her vicinity and often feels lonely. Her husband too, works till late every evening. She received the joyous news of her pregnancy 2 months ago but she feels that the lack of support and guidance, needed in this time, creates a void in her life. This void has been filled up by her new friend mMitra who calls her twice a week and provides her with all the information necessary to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery. The voice calls have also brought her and her husband closer to each other. He now showers her with undivided attention and ensures she follows what mMitra tells her to do.

Susheela, lives with her husband in a rented house in the slums of Mumbai. She had a love marriage that was not supported by both sides of the family. She has managed to conceive after five years and finds herself completely at sea with respect to what precautions must be taken at this time. Once again, mMitra supports her and guides her through this trying time. Susheela now feels much more at ease with mMitra in her life. Her pregnancy related stress too has abated as a result of this new friend, who calls her at her own convenience and speaks to her in Marathi, a language she comprehends well.